Equipment in Easton, PA

HV2 Enterprises, Inc. delivers a broad range of materials processing and blending services, made possible by the state-of-the-art equipment in our Easton, PA facility. We bring our customers an extensive range of options that other processing facilities simply don’t offer, and we do it at-scale, to ensure their needs are met. Below is some of the equipment we have available to us and the scope of results they unlock for our clients.


Jet Mill Thanks to its superior ability to reduce particle size, we rely on our jet mill for micronization prior to chemical blending. Broad customers rely on us to produce ultrafine powders and chemicals using our jet mill, including nutraceutical companies. We’re generally able to process particles down to levels as fine as three microns, making our jet milling capabilities among the best in the industry.
Stirrup-Type Hammer Mill Our grinding capabilities extend to substrates of all types. We use a stirrup-type hammer mill to achieve great aggregate texture in industrial materials. Milling reduces bulk aggregate size to an acceptable level before micronization, and it’s a critical first step in milling bulk compounds. Our stirrup-type hammer mill grinds rapidly, allowing us to process large quantities rapidly.
Ribbon Blender Using a ribbon blender, we’re able to blend together all types of chemicals (wet and dry) to ensure a homogenized result. Our Easton, PA facility includes both paddle and ribbon type blenders, utilized depending on the consistency and nature of the particles we’re blending.


Equipped to Meet Your Processing Needs

If your needs include grading or mechanical pulverization, chemical screening and sifting, blending or drying, we have the equipment to deliver it. Contact us at HV2 Enterprises, Inc. today at 610-330-9300 to learn more about the extensive capabilities of our facility for our Easton, Old Orchard, Wilson, and Alpha, PA customers or to request a quote and a sample

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